Alex Booker
        Based in the Limehouse Arts Foundation in East London, artist Alex Booker is celebrated as one of the leading woodcut-relief printmakers working today. He trained in fine art printmaking at the University of Brighton and Camberwell College of Arts, and now runs the Booker Print House – the studio where he practices and teaches.

        Alex’s work explores the properties of ink and wood, in particular the unique dimension that woodcut printmaking brings to the process of creating art. His artworks are collected internationally and widely exhibited – including at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition – and he has previously created artworks and events for the likes of WeTransfer, Ma-tt-er and PATTERNITY. Alex’s inspiration ranges far and wide, taking in themes including freedom, history, the beauty of nature, and the dark romance of the ocean.

        Alex shares his artistic approach and making techniques through regular printing workshops , offering a hands-on introduction into one of humankind’s most ancient forms of image-making.

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