Ed Hill
           England-based Ed Hill came to pottery through painting, and quickly realised the qualities that attracted him to paint were abundant in clay; he incorporates painting into ceramics in endless ways. 

        “My work grows from a layering of references, resonant observations and interests. I am particularly interested in historical Japanese pottery, the Mingei movement and the leap across the ocean to the expressive and abstract ceramics being made on the American west coast between 1950–70 especially. When considering the things I love most in pottery, I am drawn to soft forms, natural textures and glazes, local/traditional materials and atmospheric firings. However I like colourful, vibrant glazes too, so my own pots often reflect this. I use stoneware clays and a number of glazes— including home-made wood ash glazes, slips and pigments (often with colour)—and fire to high temperatures.”

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