Laura Bagnato
        Laura is a visual designer and textile artist based in Oakland. Her work plays with optical patterns and graphics inspired by nature and culture, stencilling with a rice paste resist onto cotton and dipping into an indigo vat.

    “Indigo feels like magic, not just because of the color change it undergoes as it takes. By pairing with a resist I can create art that is bonded to a piece of cotton, going beyond the stiff surface design of screenprinting to transform the fabric. The cooking of the rice paste resist and the maintenance of the vat add ritual and structure that I can relax into.

        I love clean, bold graphics, and those found in Japanese craft have always been among my inspirations, along with album art, tattoos, and commercial design. Starting with simplicity and precision as a North Star, the results will always be a product of my input-addled brain and human hands, ending up somewhere on the spectrum of wabi sabi.”

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